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Meet the staff of Superlative Studios

Scott 'The SAW' Walsh:

Geek, Pop culture aficionado, and all around awesome guy.  Host of the Zero Hour and Let's Talk with the SAW, in his spare time he can be found working a regular boring day job, spending time with his amazing little boy Ben, or just geeking out with the clowns in the studio here.  If you're into pop culture, comics, science fiction, or just any other fun and amazing stuff then check out his shows.

Scott has a College Degree in Advertising and Marketing from Georgian College in Barrie, ON.  He has over a decade of experience in radio, advertising, marketing, sales, promotions, and design.


Dylan Stone:

Dylan Stone has a long background in radio.  He started in this crazy business back in about 1988.  Dylan was like a fish in water when it came to radio.  He always said that he felt "right at home" as soon as he sat behind the mike and started his first show.  He never looked back.  Over his years involved in music he has acquired a vast knowledge of trivia, music facts, dates, and general information regarding the music industry.  He lives, breathes, and eats music.  If you enjoy a host who truly knows and enjoys what he's doing, then this is the host for you.

Dylan has over 30 years experience in radio as a host of many, many shows.  He also has experience in his field as a program director and interviewer.  Dylan started his interest in music as a musician playing with many local bands in Montreal, QC.

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Marc Gosselin:

Marc has been in the entertainment biz for over 30 years working in production.


His extensive experience covers a wide spectrum of work, including: instructing recording arts in post secondary, studio production, live audio mixing, broadcast production, touring director and most recently video production/editing.


Syndication clients have included:

Bell-TV1 (Atlantic Edition, Kitchen Talk.. etc..)

Rogers TV (Live in the Studio.. etc)


CBC Radio 1 & 2

Radio Canada

Superlative Studios


Romano The Superlative Pig:

Hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Romano is here to take the YouTube Channel of Superlative Studios by storm.  Do you want bad grammar or bad taste?  Get both with All in the Pen.  Check out his new show right here on our website or YouTube page.  

He's a frickin' hoot!

Romano on Cell Phone_1.png

Vinnie "The Painter" Bear:,

Bodyguard, Dentist, Painter, Cameraman, Clip Roller, Bazooka Expert, all of this and more.  Vinnie is always on hand to help his cousin Romano on all his adventures for The Bada Boom! Superlative Studios, or even Mr. Vitty.

The strong silent type, Vinnie hails from Brooklyn, New York.

Vinnie with Lie Detector_1.png
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